Authentication and authorization

Using the Twitter API requires an authorized Twitter App and authenticated requests.  The Twitter API supports a few authentication methods depending on the endpoint.  Each endpoint's API reference document will describe the required authentication method.

When considering an API endpoint, it's important to note which authentication is needed on the request and create a plan for authorization when developing your application.  In general, endpoints related to specific user information will require OAuth (Application-user) authentication, and endpoints related to retrieving publicly available information will require OAuth2 (bearer token) or Basic Auth (for Enterprise data APIs).

API type: 
Authentication method:
Standard REST & Streaming API OAuth2 (bearer token), OAuth 1a (application-user)
Premium API OAuth2 (bearer token), OAuth 1a (application-user)
Enterprise API Basic Auth, OAuth2 (bearer token), OAuth 1a (application-user)
Ads API OAuth 1a (application-user)

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