Twitter developer apps


If you have existing Twitter apps, you can view and edit your apps via the Twitter app dashboard if you are logged into your Twitter account on
Please note: a developer account is not required to manage any and all existing apps previously created on

If you need to create a new Twitter app, you must have an approved developer account. Also, if you are a member of a team account, you must be assigned an admin role.

Visit the Twitter app dashboard

Introduction: What's a Twitter developer app?

Accessing the Twitter APIs requires a set of credentials that you must pass with each request. These credentials can come in different forms depending on the type of authentication that is required by the specific endpoint that you are using, ie user context requires an API key and secret and a set of access tokens that are specific to the user that you are making the request on behalf of. 

You will be generating these keys and tokens that you pass along with your API requests with a Twitter developer app. Each Twitter app will be able to generate its own API key and API secret key that you will use to make requests on behalf of the app, as well as an access tokens and access token secret that you will use to make requests on behalf of the owning user.

In addition to generating the keys and tokens necessary to make Twitter API requests, you will also be able to set access permissions, document the use case or purpose for the app, and modify other settings related to your app developer environment from within the app management dashboard.

App management dashboard

The Twitter app dashboard allows developers to quickly and easily perform the following tasks:

  • View your existing apps and their associated app ID. 
  • Create a new app (if you have an approved developer account).
  • Delete an unused app by clicking the three dots to the right of an app's "Details" button. 
  • Open up a specific app's settings by clicking the "Details" button. Within the settings, you can see the app details, keys and tokens, and permissions.

To learn more, please visit our documentation page on the app management dashboard

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