POST /2/dm_conversations/:dm_conversation_id/messages

POST /2/dm_conversations/:dm_conversation_id/messages

Creates a Direct Message on behalf of an authenticated user, and adds it to the specified conversation.

Endpoint URL

Authentication and rate limits

Authentication methods
supported by this endpoint

OAuth 2.0 App-only

OAuth 2.0 Authorization Code with PKCE

OAuth 1.0a is also available for this endpoint.

Rate limit

User rate limit (User context): 200 requests per 15-minute window per each authenticated user

App rate limit (Application-only): 15000 requests per 24-hour window shared among all users of your app

OAuth 2.0 scopes required by this endpoint


Learn more about OAuth 2.0 Authorization Code with PKCE

Path parameters

stringThe dm_conversation_id of the conversation to add the Direct Message to. Supports both 1-1 and group conversations.

JSON body parameters

arrayA single Media ID being attached to the Direct Message. This field is required if text is not present. For this launch, only 1 attachment is supported.

Example: {"text": "Sending a DM with media!", "attachments": [{"media_id": "1455952740635586573"}]
stringText of the Direct Message being created. This field is required if attachments is not present. Text messages support up to 10,000 characters.

Example: {"text": "Hello just you conversation participants!""}

Example code with offical SDKs

      curl -X POST "" -d '{"text": "Adding a Direct Message to a conversation by referencing the conversation ID. This method supports both one-to-one and group conversations."}' -H "Authorization: Bearer $ACCESS_TOKEN"

Example responses

Successful response
  "dm_conversation_id": "1346889436626259968",
  "dm_event_id": "128341038123"

Response fields

dm_conversation_idstringContains the id of the Direct Message conversation the Direct Message was added to.
dm_event_idstringContains the id of the event created by this request.