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For write-only use cases and testing the X API

  • Rate limited access to v2 posting and media upload endpoints 
  • 1,500 posts per month - posting limit at the app level
  • 1 app ID
  • Login with X 
  • Access to Ads API
  • Free


For hobbyists or prototypes

  • Rate limited access to suite of v2 endpoints 
  • 3,000 posts per month - posting limit at the user level
  • 50,000 posts per month - posting limit at the app level
  • 10,000 posts per month - read-limit rate cap
  • 2 app IDs 
  • Login with X 
  • Access to Ads API
  • $100 per month


For startups scaling their business

  • Rate-limited access to suite of v2 endpoints, including search and filtered stream
  • 300,000 posts per month - posting limit at the app level

  • 1,000,000 posts per month - GET at the app level

  • 3 app IDs

  • Login with X

  • Access to Ads API
  • $5,000 per month


For businesses and scaled commercial projects

  • Commercial-level access that meets your and your customer's specific needs
  • Managed services by a dedicated account team
  • Complete streams: replay, engagement metrics, backfill, and more features
  • Access to Ads API
  • Monthly subscription tiers

Use cases

Build for businesses

Use X's powerful APIs to help your business listen, act, and discover.

Build for the public

Build for people on X to integrate or improve their experience on the platform.

Do research

Use the X API to get historical and real-time data points for your next research project.

Teach & learn

Teach or learn valuable skills with the X API.

Build for fun

Experiment, explore, create, and have fun.

Build for good

Make the world, and X, a better place.

See how others are innovating with the X Developer Platform

Businesses, researchers, and developers all over the world have used the X Developer Platform to creatively innovate, gain valuable insights, and shape the future. Explore how they did it and get inspired to use the APIs in your own way.


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