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Display beautifully rendered, interactive posts with X embeds, publish mobile-optimized pages with AMP, and drive valuable engagement with Cards.

Featured Tweet from Sandbox National Park promoting guides and passes, with forest and mountain background

Embed the best of X on the web

Embedded posts

Bring X content and social actions to your site. With X for Websites embeds, you can surface live updates on the public conversation, all with the look and feel of X. By embedding posts and buttons, you’ll get the most engaging content directly from the source as well as drive action to expand your online reach.

Easily add posts to your articles by integrating with your CMS and setting site-level display preferences, or simply by copying and pasting embed code from our Publish tool. Embedded posts enhance an article with visually appealing, rich media, quickly verifiable information straight from the source, and amplification of the voices of the story. See embedded post example below.

Embedded timelines

Include live updates from your account or curate a list of select accounts in the sidebars of your site. Give your viewers the latest all in one place with a stream just like the timeline you see on X. See embedded timeline example below.

Embedded buttons

Make your story get the attention it deserves by adding a Share button for readers to seamlessly post the link. Add pre-populated messages, hashtags, or mentions to make a campaign successful. You can also embed a Follow button to increase your audience on X. See examples of Share and Follow buttons below.

Do more with X for Websites

Optimize performance of your articles on X

Better engage readers on X by publishing web content with AMP — Accelerated Mobile Pages. By using this optimized framework, your articles become more performant and readable on X.

Add rich content to your website's links in posts with Cards

Attach rich photos, videos and media experiences to posts that include links to your website, helping to add context and drive traffic. Have questions? Check out the Cards Forum.

Try out X Embeds with our publishing tool!

It’s easy to embed posts, handles, hashtags, and more with this quick and simple tool. You can also use the oEmbed API to programmatically return embedded content, such as posts and timelines. 


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Learn more about X Embeds, Cards, and AMP in our documentation, or check out our forum.