Hashtag Button

A Hashtag button is a special type of Tweet button to encourage participation in a conversation grouped by keyword. Read more about hashtags on Twitter.

How to add a Hashtag Button to your website

1. Create a new anchor element with a twitter-hashtag-button class to allow the Twitter for Websites JavaScript to discover the element and enhance the link into a Hashtag button. Set a href attribute value of https://twitter.com/intent/tweet to create a link to the Twitter web intent composer.

      <a class="twitter-hashtag-button"

2. Add your hashtag of interest as a button_hashtag query parameter value and a component of the anchor element’s inner text.

      <a class="twitter-hashtag-button"
Tweet #TwitterStories</a>


3. Asynchronously load the Twitter for Websites JavaScript using our loading snippet. The JavaScript snippet will check for an existing version on the page, initialize a function queue to be executed once the widgets JavaScript has loaded, and load the widgets JavaScript asynchronously from Twitter’s CDN.

Define secondary hashtags

Include additional hashtags in pre-populated Tweet text using the hashtags web intent query parameter. A hashtag defined in the button_hashtag parameter and displayed in the button will appear before hashtags defined in the hashtags parameter.

JavaScript factory function

Twitter’s widget JavaScript library supports dynamic insertion of a hashtag button using the twttr.widgets.createHashtagButton function. Pass a hashtag, target container element, and the same options supported by the Tweet button JavaScript factory function