Parameter reference

Customize an embedded timeline with data-* attributes added to a fallback anchor element or passed to a JavaScript factory function in an options object.


Option Values Default Notes
show-replies true false Show Tweets in response to another Tweet or account
chrome noheader, nofooter, noborders, transparent, noscrollbar Undefined Toggle the display of design elements in the widget. This parameter is a space-separated list of values
theme dark light Display light text on a dark background
width Positive integer auto, derived from container size Set the maximum px width of the embedded Tweet
height Positive integer 600 Set a fixed px height of the embedded widget
tweet-limit Range: 1-20 Undefined Render a timeline statically, displaying only n number of Tweets. The height parameter has no effect when a Tweet limit is set
aria-polite politeassertiverude polite Apply the specified aria-polite behavior to the rendered timeline. New Tweets may be added to the top of a timeline, affecting screen readers
dnt truefalse false When set to true, the timeline and its embedded page on your site are not used for purposes that include personalized suggestions and personalized ads

HTML example

      <a class="twitter-timeline"
  data-chrome="nofooter noheader"
Tweets by @TwitterDev

JavaScript factory example

    sourceType: "profile",
    screenName: "twitterdev"
    height: 400,
    chrome: "nofooter",
    tweetLimit: 2