Please note:

We've recently released the following endpoints within the Twitter API v2

v1.1 endpoints Corresponding v2 endpoints  
GET statuses/user_timeline User Tweet timeline Migration guide
GET statuses/user_mentions User mention timeline Migration guide

Please use the migration guides to see what has changed between the standard v1.1 and v2 versions.

Important note:

This endpoint has been updated to include Tweet edit metadata. Learn more about these metadata on the "Edit Tweets" fundamentals page


Important notice:  On June 19, 2019, we began limiting total GET requests to the v1.1 /statuses/mentions_timeline and /statuses/user_timeline endpoints to 100,000 requests per day. This is a total request limit (per endpoint) applied across both user-auth and app-auth requests. This means that in a 24-hour period, a single app can make up to 100,000 requests to /statuses/mentions_timeline and/or 100,000 requests to /statuses/user_timeline (with either app or user auth) before hitting this new app-level rate limit. The existing default user-auth and app-auth rate limits remain the same.

A timeline is simply a list, or an aggregated stream of Tweets.  The Twitter API has several endpoints that return a timeline of Tweet data - see the table below for more details:

API endpoint Description

GET statuses / home_timeline

Returns a collection of the most recent Tweets posted by the authenticating user and the users they follow.
GET statuses / user_timeline
Returns a collection of the most recent Tweets posted by the indicated by the screen_name or user_id parameters.
GET statuses/mentions_timeline
Returns the 20 most recent mentions (Tweets containing a users’s @handle) for the authenticating user.