Volume streams consist of two streaming endpoints that deliver a random sample of publicly available Posts in real-time. They are available to Enterprise levels of access only.

  • 1% sampled stream.
  • 10% sampled stream. Commonly referred to as the "Decahose."


These are referred to as "volume streams" because they both deliver large volumes of data. Even the 1% stream can emit many dozens of Posts every second. With these streams, you can identify and track trends, monitor general sentiment, monitor global events, and much more. 

These streaming endpoints deliver Post objects through a persistent HTTP GET connection and use OAuth 2.0 App-Only authentication. With Essential access, you can have one connection at a time. With all levels of access, connection requests can be made up to 50 times per 15-minute window.

These volume stream endpoints support edited Posts. These endpoints will deliver edited Posts, along with its edit history, including an array of Post IDs. For Posts with no edit history, this array will hold a single ID. For Posts that have been edited, this array contains multiple IDs, arranged in ascending order reflecting the order of edits, with the most recent version in the last position of the array. To learn more about how Post edits work, see the Post edits fundamentals page. 

To use these APIs, you must first set up an account with our enterprise sales team.



Account setup

To access these endpoints, you will need:

Learn more about getting access to the X API v2 endpoints in our getting started guide.