Quote Tweets lookup

The Quote Tweets lookup endpoint gives the Quote Tweets for a given Post ID.  This allows developers that build apps and clients to get the Quote Tweets for a Post quickly and efficiently. It also makes it easy for researchers to study the full conversation around a Post including all its Quote Tweets.

Here is a Quote Tweet for a Post from @API:

The Quote Tweets lookup endpoint is a REST endpoint that takes a single path parameter to indicate the desired Post (by Post ID). 

Posts are delivered in reverse-chronological order, starting with the most recent. Results are paginated up to 100 Posts per page (10 Posts by default). Pagination tokens are provided for paging through large sets of Posts.

The Quote Tweets endpoint supports fields and expansions parameters, and returns the new JSON data format.

This endpoint will always return the most recent edit, along with the edit history. Any Post collected after its 30-minute edit window will represent its final version and will include an array of IDs for all Posts in its edit history. For Posts with no edit history, this array will hold a single ID.

To successfully make a request to this endpoint, you will need to authorize your request with the OAuth 1.0a User Context, OAuth 2.0 Authorization Code with PKCE, or OAuth 2.0 App-Only authentication methods. You must use OAuth 1.0a User Context or OAuth 2.0 Authorization Code with PKCE when requesting non public metrics, promoted metrics or a protected user's timeline.


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