Twitter's search endpoints

Please note:

We launched a new version of the Search Tweets and the Tweet counts endpoints as part of Twitter API v2. If you are currently using the older versions of the search and counts endpoints, you can use our migration materials to start working with the newer endpoint.


Twitter API's historical search endpoints

Over the past decade, the Twitter API has made available a variety of different tiers of endpoints that enable developers to search for historical Tweets or historical Tweet counts. This page will describe each tier or version to help you figure out which endpoint is right for your use case. 

Standard v1.1

This search API searches against a sampling of recent Tweets published in the past 7 days. Part of the v1.1 set of APIs. 



Enterprise-level access to either the last 30 days of Tweets or access to Tweets from as early as 2006.  Provides full-fidelity data, direct account management support, and dedicated technical support to help with integration strategy.

Twitter API v2

Twitter API v2 is the primary version of the API. 

This version includes a replacement endpoint for the standard 7 days search and premium and enterprise Full-archive Search API. Twitter API v2 includes many new features, such as the ability to retrieve new data fields like advanced metrics and Tweet annotations, provides more flexibility on which fields return with each payload, and much more


Feature summary

Category Product name Supported history Operator availability Counts endpoint Data fidelity
Standard Standard Search API
7 days Standard operators Not available Incomplete
Enterprise 30-day Search API
30 days Enterprise operators
Included Full
Enterprise Full-archive Search API
The entire archive Enterprise operators
Included Full
Twitter API v2 Recent search 7 days Twitter API v2 operators Available separately Full
Twitter API v2 Full-archive search
Available via Pro access or higher
The entire archive

Twitter API v2 operators Available separately Full