Twitter's filtered streaming endpoints

Please note:

We launched a new version of the v1.1 and enterprise streaming filtered Tweets endpoints as part of Twitter API v2. If you are currently using either of these endpoints, you can use our migration materials to start working with the newer endpoint.

Twitter API's filtered streaming endpoints

The Twitter API platform offers three options for streaming filtered real-time Tweets. Each option offers a varying number of filters and filtering capabilities - see the below summary for more details:

API Category Number of filters  Filtering operators Rule management and recovery and redundancy features
 PowerTrack Enterprise Up to 250,000 filters per stream, up to 2,048 characters each  Enterprise operators

Thousands of rules on a single stream, no disconnection needed to add/remove rules using Rules API.

Backfill, Replay, and redundant connections available.

Filtered stream Twitter API v2

Free & Basic do not support Filtered Stream.

1000 rules, up to 1,024 characters each


Twitter API v2 operators

No disconnection needed to add/remove rules using rules endpoint.

Backfill and redundant connections available with Pro and Enterprise access.