Matching rules object

Matching rules

The matching rules enrichment is an object of metadata that indicates which rule or rules matched the Posts received. This is most commonly used with the PowerTrack stream.

Matching will be done via exact match on the terms contained in a rule, scanning the content of the activity with and without punctuation. Matching is not case sensitive. When the content is found to contain all terms defined in the rule, there will be a root-level a matching_rules object indicating the rule(s) that led to the match.


Posts delivered through PowerTrack (realtime, Replay, and Historical) will contain the matching_rules object as follows:

      "matching_rules": [{
        "tag": null,
        "id": 907728589029646336,
        "id_str": "907728589029646336"

In PowerTrack, the matching_rules object reflects all rules that matched the given result. In other words, if more than one rule matches a specific Post, it will only be delivered once, but the matching_rules element will contain all the rules that matched.