Our enterprise APIs offer the highest level of access and reliability to those who depend on X data. Perfect as you scale beyond premium and need more reliable access, custom tailored packages, or longer-term contracts. Enterprise API access comes with dedicated account managers and personalized technical support.

If you’ve identified that the Basic and Pro solutions aren’t enough to support your needs, you can apply for access to the enterprise products at the following link:

Available endpoints

Real-time PowerTrack API Provides complete coverage of public Posts as they happen, filterable using a wide range of operators and rules.
Decahose API Stream a random sample of 10% of all public Posts and their likes.
Account Activity API Subscribe to users and receive a variety of different activities including Posts, Direct Messages, likes, follows, and more.
Historical Search API Search either the previous 30 days or the full archive of public Posts using advanced filtering tools.
Historical PowerTrack API Filter the full archive of public Posts using an economical batch access process.
Insights Engagement API Measure the volume of impressions and engagements for public Posts.
Compliance Compliance Firehose API Stream all compliance events.
Usage Usage API Provides programmatic access to activity consumption across enterprise products.

Important concepts

Gnip Console

You can manage your enterprise products and account access via the Gnip Console


We’ve added metadata to the response payload of the premium APIs for developers who are using a paid tier. Learn more about expanded URLs, poll data, and profile geo by visiting our enrichments section.

Advanced filtering tools

The Premium Search API makes available an advanced set of operators that are not available with the standard search endpoint. Many of these operators are available to the free sandbox users, but you will get a more robust set of operators if you are using a paid tier. Learn more by visiting our rules and filters section.


Explore X API v2

Interested in exploring what's available now in v2? Check out our documentation to see what's new, and visit the migration hub for resources that will help you eventually move to the X API v2. You can also access migration guides for each endpoint listed in the new v2 endpoint sections.

Need help?

Check out our support section or reach out to your account manager to learn how you can get in contact with our support team.