Budget Pacing

Budget Pacing

Advertisers now have more control over how fast their daily budgets are spent on your Promoted Tweet and Account campaigns. Enabling standard delivery, which is the default, ensures an even spend rate throughout the day.

By turning off standard delivery, we will serve impressions and generate engagements as quickly as possible until your daily budget is exhausted, which may be quite early on in the day depending on targeting and competition. This is called accelerated delivery.

Getting Started

Standard delivery is the default option for all campaigns, so no action is required unless you wish to turn it off. To spend through your daily budget on a campaign as fast as possible set the standard_delivery parameter to false to set the pace to accelerated delivery (see GET accounts/:account_id/campaigns).


  • “Day” is respective to Twitter advertiser account timezone (eg. America/Los_Angeles).
  • Early results indicate that standard delivery will improve eCPE/CPF for advertisers, with more consistent coverage throughout the day.

For more additional information about budgets and pacing please see the Bidding and Auctions FAQ.