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How ListenFirst improved efficiency and accuracy with the v2 API


Historically, digital marketers have lacked a unified view of their data. There could be organic data in one system, paid data in another, and conversations coming from different places. But with clients and stakeholders asking questions like, “How many impressions did I receive yesterday?” followed by “What is the organic vs paid split?,” the need for a streamlined way to aggregate and interpret this data is more important than ever.

Looking to solve these questions, ListenFirst - a social analytics platform that has been built with the Twitter Developer Platform for over 10 years – needed to create a tool to collect organic and paid Twitter data from a single source of truth. Historically, this organic and paid data lived in separate silos across different platforms, APIs and endpoints; and was certainly never meant to be aggregated, sumed and/or blended together.


In the quest to find more efficient ways to drive insights for their clients, ListenFirst adopted Twitter’s v2 endpoints to streamline their translation of what users are talking about on Twitter into their platform. ListenFirst’s team got to work with one clear goal in place: to create cleaner data.

“For us, utilizing v2 is about integration optimization. If there are fewer pieces we have to put together on our site, it makes our operations easier and allows us to scale our offering to even more brands, more content and better insights.” - Jonathan Farb, Chief Product Officer, ListenFirst.

What drove the team to prioritize the adoption of Twitter’s v2 API, and specifically the Tweets lookup endpoint, was the accuracy of the engagement and impressions numbers. By utilizing this endpoint, ListenFirst was able to generate more reliable metrics that were aligned with what their customers saw on native Twitter analytics elsewhere.


While still in its infancy, adopting v2 has impacted ListenFirst’s efficiency. Historically, ListenFirst had to piece together data from various sets of APIs, and the numbers weren’t aligned with what was seen in nativeTwitter analytics. Their usage of v2 brings ListenFirst’s numbers closer to parity with Twitter’s native analytics, improving accuracy and customer trust. Now, ListenFirst can produce defensible and refined intelligence to help brands complete their marketing strategy on Twitter. ListenFirst believes that further adoption of v2 will drive confidence in client metrics by improving accuracy and transparency.


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