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Introducing new developer portal features

  By Mara Steiu, Product Manager II, @MSteiu 19 July 2022

  By Mara Steiu, Product Manager II, @MSteiu

19 July 2022

We are excited to introduce the API playground and sample apps to the Twitter developer portal which will empower you to build more projects that positively impact the public conversation! The API playground enables quick, simple experimentation with the Twitter API v2 and the sample app templates provide inspiration for building new apps using the Developer Platform resources.

1. API Playground

This feature allows you to quickly learn how the Twitter API v2 works, by running real-time endpoint calls from the developer portal. You can now try retrieving Tweets, Lists, Spaces, and more even before you’ve created a Project or app!

2. Sample apps

Developers have constantly provided us with feedback that they need more sources of inspiration to build new, cool projects with the Twitter API v2. Look no further - sample app templates provide you with new ideas on what to build, ranging from bots that Tweet daily images to real-time Tweet streamers.

Give these features a try by setting up a Developer Account and let us know what you think on our Twitter API Forum

If you'd like to improve the design of the Twitter API, submit a proposal on the Twitter API Open Evolution.