Bit Project: Helping Non-STEM Students Learn to Code

  By Cameron Causey   11 November 2020

  By Cameron Causey

  11 November 2020

For non-STEM students, the idea of learning to code can be daunting. Yet, coding offers valuable skills for tomorrow’s workforce and for anyone wanting to innovate in technology. Could there be a way to make learning to code more attractive for students who might shy away from it?

That’s the challenge Daniel Kim, a student at UC Davis, got excited about. He came up with a solution: Bit Project. The goal? Create engaging boot camps to teach coding fundamentals to those with no experience. One boot camp- Twitter Bitcamp- lets students learn to do foundational research tasks like analyzing sentiment, visualizing trends, and even high-level natural language processing. This is possible by using the Twitter API through the Python library Tweepy.

Want to learn how Bit Project can help students to code?

Read their full story to discover:

  • How students learn to code through interactive two-hour workshops
  • The specific skills students learn
  • How Twitter enables learning data analysis and natural language processing for quick learning
  • Where you can access BitCamp course materials

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